Have you ever felt a difficulty to get rid of physical things? Maybe you come up many different reasons to keep unnecessary things which you should let them go. About one year ago I realized that problem and I want to share my story with you

– Wardrobe. When I opened my closet I realized that 30% of my clothes didn’t fit me anymore. I didn’t like 60% of my old dress and only 10 percent of my wardrobe was okay for me. I packed almost whole my closet, some part of them I donated and all stuff that remains was sold by me

– Digital stuff. When I pulled a drawer I saw old game consoles from 2000, film camera, feature phones, cables, etc. My father always says “Almost everything can be sold”. Feature phone without battery, film camera, consoles and other digital stuff was sold by me in a short period of time

– Cardboard. Cardboard from things which I bought in the past have been kept under my wardrobe for a long time. I went to local gift wrap company and offered cardboard to them for free. During some times I have been donating boxes and professional gift wrappers create wonderful gift boxes

– Books. Some part of my books were sold and donated to people who really need it

– Toys. All my childhood toys were donated to local volunteering community

When you let unnecessary stuff goes, you feel open for new possibilities and you feel freedom