Cycling event

Cycling Tour of World Class Almaty – competition for amateur cyclists, but on a professional level. The Tour of World Class Almaty bicycle race is a great event for cycling enthusiasts. This year it will be held for the sixth time and will gather about 850 athletes.

A few months ago I sent application for participation in cycling “Tour of World Class Almaty” and started to prepare for that event. I rode 34 km on my lovely stels MTB bike in the most brilliant mountain city. It was very hard but I crossed the finish line. I’m so happy to be part of that amazing event and want to say thank you to all people who supported me!

Dream come true

I always wanted to participate in marathon, well dreams come true. Recently (in this spring) I was part of huge city’s event – Almaty Marathon. Despite the fact that I’ve been doing athletics all my childhood – I’m junior in marathon events, that’s because I got involved in to the small distance – 10km to understand what it is and to feel marathon atmosphere

I started to prepare to marathon’s event in advance. Honestly I felt a little bit worry because it’s something new for me at that time

Only one think I can say about that event: It was incredibly magnificent race and I’m pretty satisfied of my results for the first time!

This photo was taken at the finish line of marathon’s route.