Toy Story Sega Game

The next piece that I added to my collection of cartridges for Sega Mega Drive 2 is “Toy Story”

The Sega Genesis version is the most complete and successful work ever produced by the team at Traveller’s Tales. Character animation provided by Pixar and published by Disney Interactive

Revolutionary at the time, the work delights with its localized venegrette from various genres in one project.

First cartridge in my retro game collection

I have long wanted to start collecting cartridges for 8 and 16 bit consoles. A few weeks ago, the first masterpiece of the retro gaming industry appeared on my shelf – Comix Zone

The development team really gave it 100%. Here is a brilliant storyline, and a beautifull picture, effects and animation. In addition, there are 3 endings, which is a rarity for projects of those years. Also, the scene is not linear, since there are various pages that the character can go to according to his choice.

Well done Turner!

First mobile apps

More than one year ago I bought feature phone with KaiOS on board for digital detox purpose. You can read about my experience here:

Insofar as I started to use my Nokia 8110 as my main phone I started to get more information about this OS and KaiOS company in general.

Did you know, over four billion people have no internet access? Why? Smartphones are expensive. Data plans cost too much. Touchscreen devices and apps are often intimidating to first-time internet users

KaiOS mission is:

Advance digital inclusion and close the digital divide

How can I help? Insofar as I’m a developer, I can build apps at least 🙂

A few days ago my first two game apps were released!

I’m going to tell about my building apps experience on web site.

Stay in touch,
Have a good day!

Lust for Life

What emotions did I feel reading this book? Mostly I was angry. I always screamed “Vincent, what the hell are you doing?”. Sometimes I tried to stop him by words “Don’t do that, please”. But he didn’t hear my voice, because everything has already been done a long time ago. And all those stuff led to what we have in art industry now

Am I impressed? Yes. Do I recommend this book? Totally. But personally I strongly don’t recommend watch “At Eternity’s Gate”

Thank you to my friend for recommendation and lending this book for me!

Eco friendly shopping drawstring bag

I’m not 100% zero waste guy at all but I try my best and do baby steps. Recently I got a package from China with reusable eco friendly shopping drawstring bag. Nowadays I go to market with drawstring bag and use this one for fruits and vegetables instead of plastic bags. Of course I need more because we have to weigh fruits and vegetables separately and stick label with price to bags. There are a lot of things to strive for

Cycling event

Cycling Tour of World Class Almaty – competition for amateur cyclists, but on a professional level. The Tour of World Class Almaty bicycle race is a great event for cycling enthusiasts. This year it will be held for the sixth time and will gather about 850 athletes.

A few months ago I sent application for participation in cycling “Tour of World Class Almaty” and started to prepare for that event. I rode 34 km on my lovely stels MTB bike in the most brilliant mountain city. It was very hard but I crossed the finish line. I’m so happy to be part of that amazing event and want to say thank you to all people who supported me!

What is minimalism for me

Let’s talk about minimalism a little bit. Huge amount of people think, minimalism is some kind of lifestyle where people live in a small flat, have a few staff, no career, no money and can’t have any children at all. Naturally it’s a misconception. So, all of those points of view have nothing in common with minimalism. Minimalism is lifestyle when people focus on essential things which can bring value in their life. Minimalists try to tidy up not only flat, but also their life. I understood that personally I’m not 100% minimalist at all, but I try my best and for me it’s much better taking baby steps than give yourself without a trace.

I’m a tracer

More than 10 years ago when we shared media content through usb flash cards I got a short video where local guys vaulting over obstacles in city’s town. “What is it?” I asked? “How does it call?”. I was so impressed but nobody wasn’t shared my joy and actually It didn’t matter for me at that time I just started. It calls “Parkour” and I was a “Tracer”

After some times I and my friends Viktor and Pavel created a team “Free Tracers” and we did a parkour more than 3 years. We were like a family and I learned a lot of things which help me nowadays.

– Overcome obstacles. It doesn’t matter what kind of obstacles they are, actually it can be mental one. You must try to achieve your finish line sometimes even you feel pain and complexity. Your team helps you in difficult moments.

– Unity. When a member of your team learn something new, you always have to support him or her and try to help. Member’s joy is happy for whole team

My parkour journey is a huge part of my life and I become very happy person when remember those days.

Free Tracers, dream team, forever!

Have a good day

Work life balance

I’m really interested in work life balance topic. Nowadays I try to make ideal day balanced between difference sides of my life. Maybe in future I’ll write a book and you’ll read my conclusions about that will you? 😀

Once I watched TED talk conference where Nigel Marsh said a brilliant phrase: “We work long, hard hours to enable our self to buy things we don’t need to impress people we don’t like”. Read this conversation again more properly. I’m totally agree with Marsh and I think it’s a huge problem of our society.

Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus from said: “Collect moments, not things”. It’s my the most favorite quote. Collect moments guys, not things because the opposite never works!

Have a good day!