Book: The X-Files: I Want to Believe

I definitely likes this book more than movie. Text describe worrier’s characters more properly and describe plot much more detail. Imagination draw winter picture more amazing and atmospheric.

Russian translation is pretty well. Author used many different literary turns in describing what is happening

“I want to believe” make focus on character’s inner feelings and experiences. There aren’t any huge actions like in “The X-Files: Fight the Future”. “I want to believe” is another genre with focus on attitude’s Mulder and Scully.

Could not but please the reference to the book “Fighting the Future” at the moment when Mulder was looking for the missing: “… for some reason he remembered the case when he and Scully were at the crossroads …”, then Mulder chose the unpaved road with the words “…we’ve been together for five years, Scully… how many times have my instincts let me down?”.

This book highly not recommend for children and teenagers (age rating 18+) because there are many cruel episodes which describe in detail and not showing in movie.

What I did not like was the anti-Russian propaganda, which the universe of X-Files quite often sins with. In the film adaptation, during dubbing, they even changed the Russian speech to some kind of gibberish, when in the original voice acting you can definitely hear the broken Russian language of scientists.

Book is quite simple for reading and I’ve been done this one for 3-4 evenings. Definitely recommend.

First Experience at Podlodka Crew

I think it’s great idea to take part in conference where many speakers with deep professional experience in particular sphere share knowledge with audience.

Some weeks ago company where I work offered me excellent chance to be part of “Podlodka Crew” conference. And I accepted the offer.

The main topic was “System design” and “System quality”. The duration of conference was 2 weeks with 2 one hour lecture per day.

I got huge experience and I’ll start to apply knowledge in projects as soon as possible.