First Experience at Podlodka Crew

I think it’s great idea to take part in conference where many speakers with deep professional experience in particular sphere share knowledge with audience.

Some weeks ago company where I work offered me excellent chance to be part of “Podlodka Crew” conference. And I accepted the offer.

The main topic was “System design” and “System quality”. The duration of conference was 2 weeks with 2 one hour lecture per day.

I got huge experience and I’ll start to apply knowledge in projects as soon as possible.

Toy Story Sega Game

The next piece that I added to my collection of cartridges for Sega Mega Drive 2 is “Toy Story”

The Sega Genesis version is the most complete and successful work ever produced by the team at Traveller’s Tales. Character animation provided by Pixar and published by Disney Interactive

Revolutionary at the time, the work delights with its localized venegrette from various genres in one project.

First cartridge in my retro game collection

I have long wanted to start collecting cartridges for 8 and 16 bit consoles. A few weeks ago, the first masterpiece of the retro gaming industry appeared on my shelf – Comix Zone

The development team really gave it 100%. Here is a brilliant storyline, and a beautifull picture, effects and animation. In addition, there are 3 endings, which is a rarity for projects of those years. Also, the scene is not linear, since there are various pages that the character can go to according to his choice.

Well done Turner!

First mobile apps

More than one year ago I bought feature phone with KaiOS on board for digital detox purpose. You can read about my experience here:

Insofar as I started to use my Nokia 8110 as my main phone I started to get more information about this OS and KaiOS company in general.

Did you know, over four billion people have no internet access? Why? Smartphones are expensive. Data plans cost too much. Touchscreen devices and apps are often intimidating to first-time internet users

KaiOS mission is:

Advance digital inclusion and close the digital divide

How can I help? Insofar as I’m a developer, I can build apps at least 🙂

A few days ago my first two game apps were released!

I’m going to tell about my building apps experience on web site.

Stay in touch,
Have a good day!

Lust for Life

What emotions did I feel reading this book? Mostly I was angry. I always screamed “Vincent, what the hell are you doing?”. Sometimes I tried to stop him by words “Don’t do that, please”. But he didn’t hear my voice, because everything has already been done a long time ago. And all those stuff led to what we have in art industry now

Am I impressed? Yes. Do I recommend this book? Totally. But personally I strongly don’t recommend watch “At Eternity’s Gate”

Thank you to my friend for recommendation and lending this book for me!