Just one more think… How often do you use this phrase? Have you ever realized that one more thing became much more then you expected? Nowadays there are hardly real limitations and we are like passengers of high-speed rail move around like greased lightning skip almost everything that can be essential.

In 20 century the limitations were everywhere. For instance in the past before employees started and finished their daily work they could hear factory bell like in school nowadays. They had to plan their day time and stopped doing everything after bell system was rang. When the TV show was finished we had to wait one week to watch next episode. After you finished newspaper, next one was going to be released tomorrow or later.

Today we have social media with non-limit news feed which is very convenient and destructive at the same time. News feed can waste our time if we don’t use it in a right way. Our mind can be stuck on video which auto-playing by default. When video was finished suddenly the next one was played. Simultaneously with news feed actions we received push notifications from another apps, messages from friends, calls from relatives etc. While we check all of that stuff, new likes and comments were received. It seems like rush our isn’t it? Like high-speed rail right?

But maybe sometimes we should get off the train? Maybe we might go for a walk barefoot in the warm sand on the evening seaside. Should we push emergency stop button instead of stare through the window of train while it going?